White Wolf April

Intuitive Transformational Mentorship Coach

Intuitive Transformational Mentorship Coaching is the unique opportunity to connect with April and work on topics of your choice, geared for and towards arming you with the skills and tools needed to enhance your life, career, finances, relationships, spiritually and more. 

April brings over 35 years experience to the Mentorship Coaching arena. She approaches each session intuitively where each person is unique and different and their needs are unique and different. During each session she listens to the client body mind and spirit, on the one on one personal level allowing for the client to experience a safe and secure opportunity. April strongly honors confidentiality.

Have also is a holistic healing doctor she brings that knowledge to each session. She does not believe in putting a bandaid on the problem.  April strives to bring the client closer to total wellness and  aids them as they go on their own venture to becoming their highest good.

Sessions are not limited to adults, April has extensive experience in working with children, teens and young adults, adults and seniors. Her approach is fun and healing through unconditional love, with children playing, and teens listening and hearing things through their generational experiences. Nonjudgmental and personal. 

White Wolf April will not hold your hand or coddle, but rather she will lead you, support and mentor you with your own personal process as the keynote. She asks nothing that she is or has not been willing to do on her own. Through the intuitive, intentional, transformational and earnest direction you can see and experience life changing realities.

On All Levels


Supporting and identifying triggers bringing balance and understanding to the emotional highest good.


Encouraging as lead by intuitive energetic signals, signs and symptoms, aid the client on a path of wellness.

Mentally: challenging the 'head' driven to align heart and head resonance perfecting the whole body awareness. 

​Financially: career, opportunity, financial, mindset, adjusting old patterns and beliefs. Paving the way of opening abundance blocks.


Listening to the awaking of your spirit within, aligning with the divine source of your choice, calling to you. 


We all learn through play and fun. White Wolf April helps you to identify your personal fun. With the intent of enhancing inner joy unspeakable and full go blessings. 


April offers one on on sessions, she offers on the telephone sessions, as well as text or email sessions. 

Intuitive Transformational Mentorship Coaching Types

She offers mentorship coaching:






Personal Development

Grief Therapy

Spiritual Development



Hypnotherapy and Suggestive Therapy

She also offers as a Certified Spiritual Hypnotherapy for:



Past Life Regression

Release from old programming and more...

Mission Statement

Keeping life simple and affording the opportunities that everyone is here for a purpose, a reason, and that limitations are only things that we create from an array of events in our lives, April believes that everyone is special and can overcome any and all blocks in their lives.

Send an email to April and she will be happy to visit with you at whitewolfapril@yahoo.com or text her are 970 761 0511. She will respond quickly and will arrange a time for you to visit and see if you are a fit to work together. 



One on One set 1 hour session 100$ per hour. 

Introductory Package

This package is designed to introduce the client to the type of services April offers and makes the time affordable. (Invest in yourself)

Four 30 minute sessions offered weekly for $100.

Basic Package

This package offers the client a set plan of action established communication times: in person on the phone etc.

30 Half hour sessions for 750$

Expanded Basic

This package offers the client a set plan of action established communication in person ~ on the phone etc. 

32 Hour Sessions for 1300.00

Experience Package

This package is for the individual who wishes to do work on a one on one basis extended over a period of time to meet their busy life schedules. 

12 hour sessions for $600

12 half hour sessions for $375

April can always work with the individual and create a custom package plan for you and your budget.

With each package comes free mini short mentoring over the phone, or text in addition to your regular coaching sessions as needed. These sessions are equal to a few minutes and could lead to determining more time is needed. 

Buidling a relationship with someone you know, and trust is vital, April is there for you and to assist. Her life passion is to help and to be there for YOU!